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Garbage disposals are a convenient appliance, but they can sometimes bring more than their share of problems with them. Many homeowners have to call for a garbage disposal repair when their unit gets stuck, or stops grinding food; which are two of the most common complaints. The trick to avoiding these appliance repair calls is with proper use, and by providing good maintenance. Calling a garbage disposal repair company may not even be cost-effective in some cases, with replacement as a better option. Thankfully all of this can be avoided by simply giving the disposal the care that it needs to keep working properly.

Always Use the Disposal Properly

The main reasons why a disposal owners has to call a garbage disposal repair company is due to problems from misuse of the appliance. Although individual models may differ slightly in how they should be used, in most cases every disposal requires that cold water be run into the drain while it is turned on, and a little common sense when putting food into the unit. Follow appliance instructions about what foods can be put into the disposal and which should not be put in, since the wrong foods can seriously damage the grinder blade or the motor. If this happens, appliance repair may be possible, but often times, replacement of the unit is less expensive.

Keep Disposal Blades Clean and Sharp

Another reason why garbage disposals need repair is due to dull blades that cannot properly grind food. When blades are dull, or caked with food or grease, even food that is meant to go into theses units can clog them up, necessitating a visit from a garbage disposal repair company. Yet keeping grinder blades clean and sharp is very easy to do, and requires little more than grinding up ice cubes every so often. This not only cleans food off the blades, but it cleans the interior of the grinding chamber as well. While this does not technically sharpen blades, cleaner blades grind more efficiently. Should the disposal start clogging despite frequent cleaning, the blades may be getting dull and replacement may be necessary.

Deodorize and Freshen the Disposal

Mildew and odors are common with garbage disposals, so periodically cleaning and freshening the appliance is also important. Failure to prevent mildew could result in the premature decomposition of rubber seals, which could cause a leak that requires appliance repair. Cleaning is easily done with either a commercial product, such as deodorizing cleaning pellets, or by grinding up citrus peels. It is also possible to clean and deodorize the disposal by sprinkling in some baking soda and pouring white vinegar on top so it foams up. This should then be allowed to sit for a few minutes before running the grinder and rinsing with cold water. The stopper and splash guard should also be regularly cleaned with baking soda and vinegar to remove grease and to prevent odors and mildew.

By using these easy tips, homeowners can ensure they correctly operate their disposal unit, and see that it receives the maintenance necessary to prevent a garbage disposal repair. Keeping the appliance clean and fresh is important, as is regularly cleaning the blades for efficient grinding. Should the disposal start to clog frequently, or stop grinding altogether, a visit from a garbage disposal repair company may be warranted. Still, with careful use, it is possible to have a trouble-free disposal that provides excellent service, without the need for any kind of appliance repair for many years to come!

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