As if there weren't already enough things in life that required organization, homeowners should add their refrigerators to that list, as well. Yet home appliance repair services agree that organizing the refrigerator is more than just an obsession with perfectionists; it actually serves a very real and important function. Organizing the contents of the refrigerator allows the appliance to perform more efficiently, reducing excess wear that could mean a call for refrigerator repair services. Since the biggest refrigerator problems are caused by inefficiency and poor performance, good organization reduces food spoilage, and the problems that end up requiring refrigerator repair.

Understand Efficient Refrigerator Cooling

Research on the way in which a refrigerator functions suggests that most refrigerators are coolest in the center; with the tops and bottoms (not including the freezer), being slightly less cool. Home appliance repair specialists say this means that foods which need to be kept at a cooler temperature, like uncooked meats, lunch meat, and dairy products, should be stored in the middle of the fridge. Many units have meat drawers and butter compartments in the middle area of the refrigerator for this very reason. Fresh fruits and vegetables do not need to be kept as cool as other foods, which is why crisper drawers are located at the bottom of the unit. Refrigerator doors are the most vulnerable areas in a refrigerator since doors are constantly opened and closed, losing their cooling the most quickly; so this should be kept in mind when loading these doors.

Refrigerator Shelves and Drawers

Refrigerator shelves should be loaded based upon the facts mentioned above, which stress that the most vulnerable items should be put on shelves in the middle of the refrigerator. Leftovers and ready to eat items should go on the top shelves. Uncooked and more delicate items, such as milk and eggs, should go on the middle shelves. Refrigerator repair experts emphasize that when loading crisper drawers, fruits and vegetables should be kept separate, since they require different levels of moisture and mixing the two can actually increase spoilage.

Refrigerator Doors

The doors should be used to store condiments and other things that are less affected by fluctuating temperatures. Some people like to put their milk in the door. If kept on a middle rack in the door this is usually fine; but milk is still best stored on a middle shelf, rather than the door. Other prepared drinks usually do fine stored in the door, along with canned items and anything that is preserved in some way.

The importance of refrigerator organization lies in the fact that by making the best use of refrigerator space and cooling power, there is less food and energy waste. Good use of interior space prevents the need to continually lower the temperature of the refrigerator, making it work harder than necessary, often leading to the need for unnecessary refrigerator repair services. Experienced home appliance repair services agree that one of the best ways to keep a refrigerator working its best, reducing the need for refrigerator repair, is with proper food organization that promotes efficient appliance function!

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