When to repair and when to replace your appliance should be an issue you need to think about well. Due to advancement in technology, it will reach a time when the appliance you have in your kitchen will need upgrade. If you have an appliance which consumes a lot of power, then you need to switch to a model which is economical when it comes to power consumption. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration when about to make your decision whether to replace or repair include the following:

Consider age

If your appliance is old, then you will be required to replace it rather than repairing. Most appliances will come with an age limit when you will be supposed to replace them. If you have a warranty, then you will just take it to the manufacturing company for you to have it repaired or replaced.

Repair cost

If the repair cost is too much, then going for a new model is the better option. For instance, if you will spend up to 80% of the buying cost to repair the appliance, then it is better for you to order a new appliance. This is necessary because the one you will repair will not be as effective as the one you will buy brand new.


Check on the pricing of the new unit. If the new unit is too expensive when compared to the price of repairing, then you need to repair your appliance and move on with life. It is always necessary for you to check on the price of different models of appliances so that you will decide on the best. 

Energy efficiency

There are some new models which are more energy efficient than others. If your old model is less energy efficient, then you need to upgrade and go for one which will save you money when it comes to the energy consumption rates. 

Modification of the kitchen to accommodate a new appliance

There are some appliances which will require you to do some modification in your home before you can install them. In order to make the right decision, you need to consider the cost of the modification you will have in your home. If it will take too long before you can have the modification, or the modification will cost more than your budget, then you need to repair your old model which will not require too much modification.