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Refrigerators that have ice makers can be a convenient addition to a well-equipped kitchen. Unfortunately, the ice maker portion of the refrigerator/freezer will occasionally malfunction, necessitating its repair. Yet before making a call for ice maker repair services, appliance owners can often troubleshoot any issues pretty easily, since the problem is usually something fairly simple. By following the steps listed below, homeowners may be able to determine whether the problem is quick fix, or if a visit from an appliance repair shop is required.

No Ice - Water Delivery Problems

When the ice maker does not make ice at all, this usually indicates some kind of a water feed problem. Begin troubleshooting by first ensuring that the water feed into the refrigerator is connected, and that it is actually turned on in the house. Then move further inward and check to make sure the water feed is properly connected inside the maker, and that the feed line is not pinched or damaged in some way. Also check to make sure the supply valve is functioning properly, and the valve filter is not clogged. Sometimes the only appliance repair necessary is cleaning the filter out to get water flowing once again.

No Ice - Mechanical Problems

If water delivery is not the issue when no ice being produced, there are a few mechanical issues that could be the cause. Always check first to make sure the ice maker assembly is actually turned on, as it is easy for it to be accidentally switched off. If the ice maker was recently replaced, check to make sure the assembly is correctly seated and connected. Also, check the freezer thermostat and make sure it is set properly at between 5 and 0, so that making ice is possible; and make sure the thermostat is actually working.

Next, by first referring to the appliance manual for specific instructions on how to do so, ensure the water inlet switch and inlet valve are working. Some of these issues can be fixed at home while others, like an ejector motor or a bad thermostat, may require more extensive ice maker repair services.

Makes Ice - Small or Irregular Cube Size

When everything works, but the ice cubes being produced are small or oddly shaped, ice maker repair techs suggest this indicates some kind of problem with water delivery, since the ice molds are not being completely filled. Check for kinks in the water feed system, clean out any water filters, and ensure that valves are working properly.

Makes Ice - Does Not Stop or Harvest

An ice maker that keeps making ice usually has a problem with the shutoff arm or switch malfunctioning. When ice is not released from the ice molds, this is usually due to a problem with the ice mold heater. Failure to harvest the ice and dump it into the ice bin is caused by problems with the ejector motor and arm. This problem can also be caused by a thermostat issue if the maker is not sensing how long to actually freeze the ice for before activating the ice mold heater to release it.

Ice makers are relatively simple contraptions, although they do have a number of parts that can be damaged or go bad. Yet by checking the this list above, refrigerator/freezer owners should be able to at least pinpoint where their problem originates to decide if professional ice maker repair services are necessary. Most of these concerns can be corrected at home, without the need to call for appliance repair. Issues relating to mechanical parts, like the motor or thermostat, may mean the need for an ice maker repair, or even replacement of the entire assembly!

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