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Drying clothes in the dryer is a lot more convenient than hanging them out on a clothesline. Unfortunately, drying at high temperatures can cause damage to garments over time. It can even cause damage to the dryer itself, requiring a call to a dryer repair company for repairs.

The good news is that by following a few easy tips suggested by most dryer repair services, consumers can get the most efficient use from their dryers without damaging clothes or the appliance. Some of these tips will also help prolong the life of the dryer and reduce the need for dryer repair.

Correct Dryer Use

To prevent damage to clothing in the dryer, it is important to use the dryer correctly. This starts with providing good appliance maintenance, such as always cleaning out the lint trap and keeping the dryer vent hose clean as well. Failure to clean the dryer can slow drying time, necessitating longer use of the appliance while clothing spends a longer time in the heat. Poor dryer ventilation can also cause other problems that may require dryer repair. Avoid using too many dryer sheets as these may create a waxy buildup inside the dryer drum that can affect the dryer and rub off onto clothing.

Check Pockets Before Drying

Items left in clothing pockets are one of the main causes of damage to clothes while in the dryer. Even though most items find their way out of pockets in the washing machine, there is always a chance that some might not. Candy, gum, pens, and anything made of plastic are particularly damaging in the dryer, as they can melt from the heat and become stuck to the clothing. Besides potentially ruining clothing with stains and stuck on gunk, anything left in the pockets can also melt and stick to the inside of the dryer where it could damage clothes in future loads.

Dry On Lower Heat Settings

Although clothes dryers have high heat settings, this may not be the best for many types of clothing. Finer garments can be damaged by high heat. Some clothing, like jeans and anything made from cotton, experience shrinkage when dried on high heat. Fabric will wear out faster on high heat settings.

To avoid these issues, it is generally best to dry on lower heat settings for a slightly longer period of time. Even better, by drying on lower settings until almost dry then air-drying the rest of the way, consumers can protect their clothing and dryer. Shorter use, combined with lower temperatures, reduces wear on the appliance, prolongs dryer life, and makes dryer repair services no longer required.

Read Clothing Labels

Above all, when drying clothing in the dryer, refer to the clothing label for any special instructions. Some fabrics such as wool and rayon as well as certain synthetics and garments with elastic should not be dried in the dryer as the heat could damage them. Clothes that can be ruined in the dryer normally say so on the label, so be sure to check that first.

By using these tips, consumers can get the most efficient use from their dryers and clothing without damaging either of them. With good maintenance and by opting to lower the heat rather than raise it, dryers will last longer without the need for dryer repair from local dryer repair services. Clothing will also last longer when properly prepared for the dryer and dried with care. To learn more about how to dry clothes without destroying them or the dryer, talk to a dryer repair company that can advise based on the individual dryer make and model!

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