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People have many different household habits and beliefs today concerning everything from how to load the dishwasher to the right way to mow the lawn. One other such debate is whether or not new clothes should be washed before wearing. Some might feel this is unnecessary and that it only creates extra wear and tear on the washing machine, possibly leading to a visit from a washer repair company.

Others feel it is important to wash clothes first so they don’t accidentally bleed if they get wet while being worn. Yet the truth may surprise everyone, even though it has little to do with washer repair or having to call for washer repair services.

From Fabric Mill to Consumer Closet

Despite that crisp, unworn look that is so attractive in a new garment, it really is important to wash new clothes before they are worn. The truth of the matter is that  clothing and the fabric from which it is made goes through a long journey from the mill to the point where it is hanging in a consumer’s closet.

Clothing is touched by many hands, packed in many containers, and shipped long distances in different weather conditions before it ends up on the sales rack. Even then, a garment may have been handled and even tried on by countless shoppers before the garment is purchased and taken home. This is the route that every garment takes, no matter what its price or where it is sold.

What Is Really Lurking In New Garments?

Clothing is generally exposed to many different and sometimes toxic chemicals during the production, packaging, packing, and shipping process. When these chemicals come into contact with the skin, they can be absorbed and increase a person’s toxin level, something that can lead to illness and disease later on. Some individuals may have allergic reactions to the chemicals in new clothing or may inhale traces of chemicals. Washing all of these chemicals out before wearing a new garment is the healthiest option.

Besides these chemicals, tests done on new clothing removed from the sales rack reveal some startling discoveries. Garments frequently harbor molds, mildew, and fungus, which may be due to storage and shipping conditions and more. Some fabrics, especially cotton and cotton blends, also retain traces of pesticides used on cotton crops. Tested samples were also found to contain bacteria of all kinds, human cells (including skin and fecal flora), yeast, respiratory secretions, lice, and more.

Importance of Washing Clothes Before Wearing

Essentially, new clothing only looks new to the naked eye; there may be organisms and chemicals lurking in the fabric that could cause harm. Based on this information, the best decision a consumer can make is to always wash new clothing before wearing it. At the very least, doctors recommend putting new clothes through a regular wash and even a second wash without soap as it may take a few washings to remove all chemicals.

What does all this mean for washing machines and washer repair services? Unless a garment is likely to bleed, there is no reason why it cannot be added to a full load of clothing. Even if washed separately, a few extra cycles here and there are not likely to cause that much extra wear on today’s washers, destine them for washer repair, or necessitate an emergency call to a washer repair company. Use and maintain washers correctly -  and by all means use them when needed for new clothing!

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