Microwave ovens have become a staple in most homes, providing quick convenience for a simpler life. Unfortunately, just like any other appliance, microwaves can break down, or display symptoms of a problem. Before calling for appliance repair services, an appliance owner can try to troubleshoot these units, as sometimes the fix can be fairly simple. Having an idea of what the problem may be is also helpful if calling a microwave repair company does become necessary. In either case, try the tips referenced below first to determine whether an actual repair is necessary!

When the Microwave Does Not Work At All

A non-working microwave could mean a few different things. Before calling a microwave repair company for appliance repair services, first look for some of the most common problems as follows:

  • Is It Getting Power? - Check to see if the light on the inside of the cooking chamber goes on when the door is opened, and the digital readout display is working. If neither of these things are working, the microwave is not getting power. Check to make sure the unit is actually plugged in first. If it is, carefully pull out the plug and check the outlet to make sure the problem is not a blown circuit breaker. If the outlet is the type with a breaker, reset it and plug the unit in again. If that still does not help, check the circuit breakers for the kitchen in the fuse box. Remove the fuses for that circuit and ensure they are not blown, then reset.
  • Is the Door Switch Working? - If the unit is getting power but still will not run, check to make sure the door switch is working properly. A door switch that does not latch correctly will prevent the oven from functioning. Door switches can be tested by a handy homeowner using basic electrical equipment, and inexpensively replaced.
  • Is the Fan Motor Working? - A defective fan motor is another reason why a microwave that has power fails to work. Similarly to the door switch, the fan motor can be tested using basic electrical tools before calling for appliance repair services. Fan motors are also generally an easy and inexpensive replacement.
  • Continually Blowing Fuses? - There are two things that cause fuses to continually blow: 1) a faulty door switch; and, 2) a bad magnetron. An appliance owner can troubleshoot this issue by checking their door switch to ensure it is functioning correctly (as stated above). If the switch is working properly, repairing the magnetron is best left to a microwave repair company.

Other Common Microwave Problems

Even when a microwave is getting power, and everything seems to be functioning correctly, other problems may arise as follows:

  • Blown Light Bulb? – If the light does not go on when the door is opened, the bulb is probably bad. Homeowners can easily replace this with a replacement type bulb.
  • Cooking Unevenly or Too Slowly? - When a microwave cooks unevenly, the problem could be the turntable motor, among other things. Check the turntable motor using an electrical meter, and replace if necessary. A faulty magnetron could also cause these symptoms, but this is a professional repair.
  • Not Cooking At All? - When a microwave does not cook at all, chances are the problem is related to the magnetron, the thermal cutoffs, or other internal parts. The unit should either be repaired by a professional, or replaced.

Thankfully, microwave ovens are fairly simple appliances, with only a few things that can go wrong with them. Any appliance owner who is able to carefully test their unit to narrow down the problem, can often save a call for appliance repair services from a microwave repair company. If the problem is not one of the simpler things on the list, replacing the unit might be the most cost effective thing to do!

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