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Microwave ovens get a lot of use in some homes, especially those with kids. They can also experience problems that require microwave repair services when they are improperly used, or poorly maintained. Rather than having to deal with a malfunctioning microwave that requires appliance repair, oven owners should instead follow these simple instructions regarding proper microwave use and maintenance. By avoiding the situations that cause problems, most microwave repair can also be avoided.

Keep the Microwave Clean

Microwaves are convenient, and maybe even a little too convenient at times. It is very easy to use this appliance and then walk away from it, forgetting about all the splattered food and grease that ends up all over the interior. This mess can create problems, and even cause a fire the next time the appliance is used. To avoid these dangers it is essential to wipe out the oven compartment after each use, and do a thorough cleaning whenever there is any caked-on food or grease. Microwave repair techs say that while doing so, pay special attention to the inside of the door, door latch, and door seals, getting those parts clean as well.

Use the Microwave Correctly

For the best service from a microwave oven, avoid dangers that can damage the oven or cause injury or illness. Protect the appliance by plugging it into a suitable surge protector that will prevent electrical spikes from damaging the internal circuitry. Cook only with glass, ceramics, or plastics that are marked as microwave-safe for even heating and to prevent the cookware from melting or breaking.

Never use metal cookware or aluminum foil inside a microwave oven as this could result in dangerous sparking, or start a fire. Remove the little metal handles on takeout cartons, and watch for food containers that could be lined with foil. Metal should not be used directly next to a microwave in use for the same reason. Also, never run the microwave empty, as this can overload the magnetron if there is no food inside to absorb the energy produced by the appliance.

Use preset cook times whenever possible, as well, since these buttons cook more efficiently and offer more efficient use of the appliance in general, thereby reducing the need for microwave repair.

Pay Attention to the Door

The door is an important part of any microwave oven, and the group of parts that are most likely to require microwave repair services. To avoid appliance repair, always open and close the microwave door gently. Keep the door seals and latch clean and make sure the latch fully latches and the door lines up correctly. Problems with the door seals, or a latch that does not work properly could prevent the appliance from working. When there are signs of trouble, such as a non-working microwave, the door latch is frequently the problem.

By using these helpful tips, any microwave oven owner should have little difficulty with this appliance, and expect a long service life. Microwave ovens can be fragile, so avoiding the issues that are most likely to cause damage requiring microwave repair is important. Should a microwave oven begin to malfunction, and there is no simple answer as to why, an appliance repair specialist should be called to diagnose the problem. Microwave repair services may sometimes involve the replacement of electrical and computerized parts, which is always best left to the experienced microwave repair tech!

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