A common complaint of oven owners everywhere is their cakes and other baked goods simply do not turn out right. Many people immediately assume they did something wrong with the recipe, but the culprit could also be an oven that is not working properly, and needs some kind of appliance repair. When it seems that baking is not turning out correctly more frequently, a homeowner can refer to the tips referenced below to determine whether it is time to call an oven repair company for appliance repair services. Rather than continue to endure over or underdone cakes and other oven-baked goodies, oven repair services performed by a professional appliance and oven repair company can usually get things back to the way they should be.

When the Oven Does Not Bake Well

It is easy to assume an error was made with a recipe, which accounts for something turning out poorly, since recipe mistakes are easy to make. However, when this happens regularly, and cakes and baked goods repeatedly come out either under or overcooked - or even burnt, the problem is likely the oven. Baking requires slow, even heat, and when this does not happen for whatever reason, the result is baked goods that are unevenly cooked, burned or even uncooked in some places. This is a good indication that some kind of oven repair services are necessary to fix the problem.

Reasons Why Ovens Bake Poorly

Since baking requires the continual and even distribution of hot air, determining why an oven is not baking correctly requires finding out why hot air might not be distributing properly inside the oven:

  • Door Gasket - The gasket around an oven door can deteriorate over time, and allow hot air to leak out. This causes problems in maintaining the proper baking temperature, which means baked items cannot respond to heat the way they should, in the specified amount of time they should.
  • Oven Racks - If oven racks are covered with foil (which is what some people do to help prevent messy spills), this will prevent airflow, and even heating. Also, racks placed too close to the heating elements, or too far away from them, could also cause baking problems related to poor air circulation depending on the individual oven.
  • Obstructed Air Vents - Ovens that include convection features - blown hot air - are best for baking. If the air vents in convection ovens are blocked, air does not flow around the oven as it should, producing poor baking results.
  • Convection Motor or Element - When the heating element or motor that blows hot air in an oven with convection features fails to work, this will also cause poor baking results.
  • Bake Element - Ovens have two different heating elements, both of which heat the enclosure differently. If the bake element is burned out, this means the oven is heating with only the broil element - from the bottom. Baking requires even heat from all around for best results.
  • Temperature Sensor - A defective temperature sensor causes inaccuracies in heating, and the inability to control temperature. Even when baked recipes are followed precisely, if they are cooked at the wrong temperature, they will usually turn out poorly.

Homeowners may be able to troubleshoot their ovens and remedy some of the simpler problems, like door gaskets and oven rack concerns; however, most other problems will require some type of appliance repair. In most situations, an experienced oven repair company can easily diagnose these problems. When an oven frequently turns out baked goods that are ruined, arrangements should be made for oven repair services to correct this problem. After all, it isn’t always the fault of the cook!

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