Holiday time is the worst time to experience any kind of appliance problem, especially when that appliance is the oven. With lots of cooking to do before a festive meal, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is home appliance repair, and waiting for oven repair services. Electric ovens experience some common problems, such as those outlined below. When an electric oven suddenly does not heat, there are a few things appliance owners can do to troubleshoot the problem and get their oven cooking again!

First, Always Be Safe!

When working on an electric appliance, always unplug it first for safety. Never try to take apart or work on an electric oven while it is still plugged in, as shocks or even electrocution can result.

Check for Power Supply Problems

If an appliance, such as an oven, does not do what it is supposed to do, the first thing to check for is whether it actually has power. First, make sure the oven is plugged in. If it is, unplug it and check to see if the outlet has a breaker that needs to be reset, and do so if necessary. Also, check the breaker in the fuse box to ensure it has not been tripped and needs to be reset, or in need of a new fuse. Assuming all three of these things are in order, check the other tips below to troubleshoot further.

Check the Heat Producing Elements

Electric ovens have three different electrical elements:  1) a heating element, 2) a bake element; and, 3) a broiler element. Look at each of these and make sure they are tightly affixed, and not broken or corroded in any way. If they are, these elements should be tightened or replaced. To test, plug in and turn on the different elements and determine whether they are all working. If the heating element works, the problem is likely with either the bake or broil elements. Unplug the oven and remove each of them - one by one. Then, carefully plug each of them in again and test the terminals with a voltmeter to determine if one of the elements is burned out.

Check the Thermostat

Every oven has a thermostat inside. Sometimes the thermostat bulb loosens and falls to the bottom of the oven, where it then transmits incorrect readings. Ensure the thermostat bulb is in its terminal, and that it is not loose, so that it functions correctly. Broken thermostats are usually an easy appliance repair that homeowners can do themselves without calling for oven repair services.

Check Electric Burners

If the problem is a burner that is not functioning all the time, this can be easily checked by pulling each one out of their receptacle and inspecting for receptacle damage - like food that has spilled or damage to wires leading to the burner receptacle. Lift up the top of the oven to get a closer look and make sure everything is in good condition. If something looks burned or damaged, it should be repaired before attempting to use that burner again.

Check the Wiring

The wiring to an oven is in the back panel, and can become damaged over time. Pull the oven out and open up the back panel to look for burned or otherwise damaged wiring, or burnt wire terminals, which are common. Burnt terminals can be easily replaced, without necessarily having to call a home appliance repair company, and may be the problem.

Some of these problems, like broken or non-working elements, can be repaired quickly at home, after a trip to the appliance repair shop for parts. Other, more detailed electrical problems still demand appliance repair by experienced oven repair services. Fortunately, many times the problem is simply something that has come loose, and through inspection of the appliance, and troubleshooting to ensure all parts are in good shape and well attached, appliance owners may be able to get their ovens working again - just in time to get started on that holiday feast, and without the necessity of calling a home appliance repair company!

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