In this present era, when the whole world is becoming tech savvy. Surplus has taken a step to make your home more easy, comfortable and hi-tech. We cannot deny the relief and ease this site provides us, through online shopping of home appliances and much more. We cannot spend a day without the assistance of these helping hands. But this artificial equipment can collapse or fail in their function, if not handled wisely.

Here you can buy online Kitchen Appliances as well as entertainment provisions like Food Processor, Juicer Mixer Grinder , Cookers, Kettles, Coffee Maker, Lunch Box , Toaster, Sandwich Makers, Mixer Grinder, Induction Cooktop, Geyser, Hair Dryer, Refrigerator , Washing Machine, LCD TV, Audio Player, Video Player, Game Pads, Adapter and lots more.

A good heed and proper use of these appliances make them more durable and give longer running life. Below are given some care & maintenance tips for important home appliances that we use regularly at home:

For Refrigerator follow the rules like do not overload your refrigerator with food items. This overloading formulates the compressor to work more to keep those food and beverages cold and fresh. Cleaning the dust on the condense coils is important so that the compressor does not get overheated. And you should also know - where and how to refrigerate the things in your refrigerator.

For Washing Machines, following are some important tips-
* First of all overloading should be avoided in washing machines. Large loads can direct to premature casualty of your washing machine. DO NOT wash huge carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine.
*    Wipe and clean the drums of the washer with damp cloth at least once in a week. It will help you to remove all the residual parts like soap, dirt, left threads from clothes, etc.
*    Every time after washing and drying of clothes is done; the door should be kept open to let the moisture and dampness fade away.

For Induction Cooktops, we should take care of the pots and pans used on it. Use flat-bottomed pots and pans that are not larger than the hot plate of the induction. Always remove spilled food as soon as possible so as to increase its durability.

In the above, there are some tips which can help you make your life easier, comfortable and tension free. These tips can deliberately help you; take good care of the electrical and electronic appliances which you use quite regularly at home. Just a few minutes of daily simple maintenance of these household appliances will not only give them a longer operating life but also reduce the amount of money we spent on their service and repair.