A garbage disposal is a convenient appliance to have in any kitchen. Some newer homes come with disposals already installed, but they can also be purchased and installed by the homeowner or any garbage disposal repair and maintenance services company quite easily, too. When searching for a new disposal, or to replace one that is in need of extensive garbage disposal repair, homeowners should first know a few things about these appliances. As with any other appliance, avoiding the need for home appliance repair depends partially on purchasing the proper unit, that can handle the workload it will face.

Garbage Disposal Power Matters

Garbage disposals are sold based on their horsepower rating, with different models ranging from 1/2 HP up to 1 HP or more. Horsepower is more than just how fast a disposal can grind up food waste, but also what types of waste it can grind up, and how efficiently it can grind. Lower horsepower models may be less expensive, but in the long run they can be less reliable, and more prone to being over-used, leading to a need for garbage disposal repair services or replacement. Poor grinding can also cause drain clogs, leading to plumbing problems. For these reasons, home appliance repair and sales centers recommend buying at least the very least, a 3/4 HP disposal; but more preferably, a disposal that is 1 HP or greater, so that it is able to most easily and consistently grind various types of food waste.

Garbage Disposal Features

Although there are not many features available on these very simple machines, homeowners will still want to consider things like disposal switches, noise levels, and how to avoid common septic system problems that can sometimes occur with frequent disposal use. Disposals are operated by either using a continuous feed switch that must be turned on, or with a batch feed switch that is activated once waste is put into the disposal, and a special lid is put into place. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, especially where safety is concerned; with batch feed models being less convenient, but more safe around kids and pets.

If disposal noise is a concern, look for larger units that typically run quieter, but be sure it will fit under the sink. Also, since a continuous flow of food into the septic system can sometimes disrupt the decomposition process, homeowners may want to look into systems that are septic friendly, and add enzymes and other microorganisms into the grinder, that assist with food decomposition as it is running.

Garbage Disposal Warranties

A garbage disposal that is used according to directions, and is well-cared for, can last for many years. Still, some disposals are better than others, and the warranties usually reflect this. Better brands offer longer warranties, with some models even include lifetime warranties, provided they are used correctly. Warranties also differ in how they are honored, with some companies offering disposal replacement, and others covering certain parts and labor for garbage disposal repair services. Homeowners should be sure they understand what they are getting with their purchase, and what parts are covered, to make the best decision.

The main concerns homeowners should think about when looking into the purchase of a disposal is the amount of use their unit will get, and how to use it correctly. Improper use greatly increases the need for home appliance repair services, or the necessity of having a garbage disposal repair services and sales center replace the unit entirely. By purchasing the most suitable disposal unit, homeowners should be able to expect years of trouble-free service!

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