When food in the freezer starts to defrost, and it seems the compartment is not staying as cold as it should, there could be a problem. There are a few reasons why the freezer part of a combination refrigerator freezer might stop working, some of which may require freezer repair services to correct. Before calling a freezer repair company however, homeowners can troubleshoot their appliance for the simpler problems that can be fixed at home. If the problem seems more serious, scheduling appliance repair as soon as possible is recommended.

How Freezers Work

Refrigerator freezers operate with a sealed cooling system filled with refrigerant gas that is compressed and expanded, creating a cooling effect. Cooled refrigerant gets absorbs the heat in the freezer enclosure, continually lowering the temperature. Warmed coolant is then recirculated through the system to be re-compressed, then re-expanded and cooled off again, until the compartment is at the desired set temperature. This process repeats as necessary.

When the Freezer Doesn’t Freeze

There are a number of reasons why a freezer might be slow to freeze, or unable to maintain a low enough temperature. Some of these problems are very easy to remedy, while others require freezer repair services:

  • Overfull Freezer - When a freezer is overfull to the point where the cooling process cannot keep up with getting food to a low enough temperature, or the freezer vent ends up blocked and unable to circulate the air inside, freezing becomes very slowed. Try redistributing the food and making sure the vent is not blocked, and keep from opening the door for a few hours to let what is inside freeze first. Removing a few items may also help.
  • Freezer Use - Certain use of the freezer can also affect how efficiently it freezes. Frequent opening and closing of the door reduces efficiency because warm air is let in every time. Also, items in the freezer that push on the door, taking pressure off the door seals, may be letting warm air in. Using the freezer to cool hot items can also affect the freezer’s efficiency.
  • Door Seals - If the gasket seals on the freezer door are not sealing well, something that can happen over time, they should be replaced. By allowing warm air in, this easy to fix problem can prevent a freezer from performing efficiently.
  • Condenser Coils or Fan - If the condenser coils on the refrigerator are caked with dirt, this can make cooling very inefficient. Clean the coils if it seems like the freezer is not freezing, and also check to ensure the condenser fan is working.
  • Defrosting - Sometimes a freezer may just need defrosting, since frost buildup ironically prevents efficient cooling, and proper functioning of the coolant system. If a frost-free freezer is developing frost and it continues to happen even after a manual defrost, freezer repair services may be necessary.
  • Temperature Control - Check to make sure the freezer is actually set low enough, and the thermostat did not accidentally get changed. Lower and raise the control to make sure it is engaging at the desired setting. If the temperature control is correctly set and the freezer still does not maintain temperature, this could be related to a controller or thermostat problem, or any of the other issues mentioned here.

When the above fixes do not help to remedy the problem, and the freezer still does not freeze, or maintain a cool enough temperature, the issue could be something else. Leaks in the refrigeration system, faulty temperature gauges and a number of other parts failures may be to blame; if so, professional freezer repair from a reputable freezer repair company should be sought. Arrange freezer repair services promptly, to avoid strain on the appliance, as well as losses occurring from excess electricity consumption and food spoilage!

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