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Food prices continue to rise today and as they do, so do the number of homes with extra freezers. Large, standalone freezers make it possible for families to buy in bulk and take advantage of food club memberships, keeping the grocery bill as low as possible. Despite these savings, all this food could be wasted if the freezer stops working, and freezer repair services become necessary. A broken freezer is more than just an inconvenience until appliance repair services can get there to make the repair. To avoid appliance problems, and the need for freezer repair on top of the loss of expensive food, homeowners should always keep their freezers well-maintained.

Keep Freezers in the Right Place

Whether buying a chest freezer or an upright model, it is essential for the appliance to be positioned in the right place to promote efficient cooling without causing undue stress on the unit. Although it may seem like a great location to store a large freezer, an unheated/uncooled garage is not suitable if the temperature regularly goes below freezing in the winter, or gets extremely hot during the summer. The freezer should be placed somewhere that is climate controlled within the house or basement, and ensure it is set level for the best function.

Keep the Freezer Clean Inside and Out

After some time, freezers may get dirty from leaking food, which can cause odors and even bacterial growth. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean out the inside of the freezer every so often to avoid messes. This unit should also be cleaned under and around the freezer coils. When the coils on the outside of the appliance (usually found behind a chest freezer, and under an upright freezer) are covered in dust and dirt, their cooling ability is compromised and the motor could be overworked. Avoid unnecessary freezer repairs by frequently dusting and vacuuming the coils so they will work most efficiently.

Monitor the Door Gasket and Thermostat

Freezer thermostats should be regularly monitored to ensure the freezer is staying cool enough, and that food is still frozen. Door gaskets should be regularly cleaned and checked for proper condition, as well. Door gaskets that are dirty, damaged, or hardened can prevent a good seal, reducing cooling ability. If the door gasket is clean and in good shape, and the coils are clean, any cooling problems may be thermostat related. A call for freezer repair services may be necessary if the thermostat needs to be replaced.   

Defrost Freezers As Required

Many freezers today are frost-free, meaning they do not have to be manually defrosted, although they do have a defrost pan that should be cleaned. Some freezers, especially older models still in use, may require periodic, manual defrosting. For the best appliance care, and to avoid damage that could require freezer repair, freezer owners should refer to the owner’s manual that came with their freezer about whether or not it should be defrosted. Even automatic defrost freezers may still need to be manually defrosted every once in awhile if there is a buildup of frost inside the freezer. Failure to keep a freezer properly defrosted could prevent adequate cooling and stress the entire cooling system, making appliance repair services necessary.

Freezers usually experience few concerns when they are well-maintained. To reduce the chance of problems that could increase the need for expensive freezer repair services, homeowners should follow the tips above for the best maintenance. Freezer problems can frequently be resolved and freezer repair avoided by keeping coils clean, checking the seals and thermostats, and monitoring cooling performance. Still, when a well-maintained freezer begins exhibiting signs of trouble, it is best to arrange for appliance repair services to come out quickly to avoid the loss of the food inside!

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