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Home appliances need maintenance to reduce the need for appliance repair services, just like any other machines. The more use that appliances such as ovens or stoves get, the more frequently they should be maintained to avoid oven repair. Fortunately, oven and range maintenance is mainly just keeping the appliance clean to prevent grease buildup, which can affect how it functions. Appliance owners can extend the life of their oven and stove, and avoid calls to an oven repair company, by doing a few regular, simple maintenance tasks, such as the following.

Clean the Stovetop and Burners

Appliance repair services assert that the stovetop is generally what sees the most use in many homes, meaning it is often the dirtiest. Grease and grime not only affect a stove’s efficiency, but can cause problems with the heating elements and more. Heating elements should be frequently cleaned according to the manufacturer's directions, and based upon the type of stovetop:  gas; electric burner; or, radiant element. Use an approved product that will not scratch to clean metal stovetops. Remove electric burner elements and wipe clean, or use a scouring cloth to get any food off. Remove gas burner grates to soak and clean to remove any burned or caked on residue.

The gas pilots should then be cleaned with a toothbrush to remove residue, and wiped clean. Remove and clean burner bowls. If they are highly stained or residue will not come off, they can be inexpensively replaced. When cleaning a smooth cooktop, only use a product designed to clean and degrease this type of stovetop.

Clean the Oven Interior

Oven repair companies say that grease on the interior heating elements not only causes damage to the elements, requiring oven repair, but it could even cause an oven fire. This is why it is essential for ovens to receive routine cleaning according to the directions on the appliance. For self-cleaning ovens, run the cleaning function whenever the inside of the compartment begins to look grimy or there is food and grease collected on any of the heating elements.

After running the self-clean function just wipe down the elements, the thermostat, and the interior once the oven is cool. Check to make sure everything is securely attached, as well. Ovens that are not self-cleaning should be cleaned using an appropriate oven cleaner, then wiped out in the same manner. Next the elements and thermostat should be checked. Clean broiler pans and oven racks in the sink using a degreasing solution, oven cleaner, or even baking soda and water.

Clean and Check Oven Door Seals

As part of routine cleaning, also wipe down oven door seals to remove grease and any drips that have settled into the grooves. Regularly check seals for cracks, tears, or other damage that may prevent a complete seal and affect the oven’s efficiency. Appliance owners, or an oven repair company should replace any seals that are damaged or hardened.

Replace the Light Bulb When Necessary

If the oven light goes out, this is an extremely easy fix that appliance owners can take care of on their own without making a call for appliance repair services. Most ovens use a universal 40-watt appliance light bulb. All that is required is finding the receptacle and switching the old bulb for the new one.

Ovens are usually one of the most reliable appliances in the house, as there are relatively few things that can go wrong with them. To prevent oven or stove problems, and avoid the need for oven repair, homeowners should regularly clean their stovetop, burners, and the interior of their ovens, and check to ensure all parts are in good condition. These simple maintenance tasks are usually all that are necessary to enjoy a fully functioning oven while making oven repair services unnecessary!

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